Ying Yun Rinanaa

 06/03 20:21

風華絕色 Perfect Wedding


Met Perfect Wedding 2 years ago during their road show at Bugis. Signed package with them (Maggie Jie) till now after finished shooting with them. We have a very good experienced together with them. 风华 is a very skilful and knowledgeable professional photographer. Does not worried about what pose are we going to present. He will guide us throughout the whole journey and his characters was funny and cute, will lighten up our mood eventually.

And makeup artist (KiKi) was professional in her skills, she know and understand what we wanted, every details she will notes it. Have lots of confident in her (Kiki) and we does not worried much.

Last but not least, helper 阿学 was very helpful, helping us to carry stuffs, and preparing those accessories. Early morning before moving out for shoot, he prepare for us what to bring and what not to bring. Well prepared and left no worries behind.

Overall rating for them.

Customer service: 9.5/10

Professionalism: 9.5/10


Overall pricing was reasonable

Very satisfied with their services.



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